Summer Adventures

What? But I have my swim ring!
The Okie Piggies have really been busy this summer entertaining their new buddy Algernon Rat. While AR discovered the No Swimming sign when they visited the Blue Whale on Route 66 at Catoosa, they did get to hang out at the lake and friends' pools when they need to cool off during their travels. The OPs' preferred method of cooling off, tho, is to lounge beside, or atop, a nice whine cooler in front of the tv, plenty of treats at hand.

A Visit to  Santa Claus

Buster & Bullett visit Santa
Each year at least two lucky piggies get to go sit on Santa's lap to tell him what they  want for Christmas. Of course, they go with a list of wishes for all the other pigs, and if they're really good (and don't make a wet spot on Santa's lap, or nibble his fingers or beard), they get their pigture made with him. Treats afterward, of course.