Here we are!  You have found The Okie Piggies of Cavy Lodge!

Teaser welcomes you with a snack!

Though we do get around, and have many dear friends around the world, we are located at our Cavy Lodge in NE Oklahoma, USA.  From the original Snowy Pie and
CocoaPuff, Rosie and Lil' Whistle, our numbers have grown - and scattered. 
We travel to shows, workshops, pignics and such, and do lots of e-visiting with
our friends. Some of you may have seen us in articles and on tv - we think we have
the BEST friends ever!  Check out the July 2011 issue of Tulsa Pets magazine, check the archives of the leading Oklahoma business publication The Journal Record for "When it comes to the Show Ring, Guinea Pigs are Top Dogs", and the archives for special stories with Rick Wells.
We have our favorite treats, favorite tv shows, and special tricks, etc. Some of us
are members of a Secret Piggie Society of undercover pigs.  Others are proud
members of the L.A.P.S., all members of the Green Country Cavy Club, Tulsa Rabbit Breeders Association, American Cavy Breeders Association, American Rabbit Breeders Association, and Guinea Pig Daily Digest, among others.
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What's in the News at Cavy Lodge

Algernon Rat visits Cavy Lodge

Algernon Rat visits the Blue Whale
The world famous Algernon Rat, from Europe, arrived in Oklahoma after his travels in Australia, and has been enjoying a busy visit with the Okie Piggies and friends. Watch for updates to his blog,  Thanks to all of you who have kindly entertained him (and to that black cat out at the ranch for not snatching him  through that fence!

Hoppy Roo meets his idol, Irwin Roo

Hoppy Roo visits Irwin Roo
It was fate! Hoppy Roo was watching one of his favorite tv shows, Six in the Morning, when they ran the story of Irwin the Kangaroo and his mom Christy. Hoppy's eyes glazed over, he didn't catch all the details of Irwin's desperate story, only that he loved treats and would be at Thompson's feed story that Saturday. He rode along with mom and got to meet Irwin, his new BFF! They played in the floor and shared a nice salad snack. Hoppy gets excited now every time he sees Irwin on the tv, and is proud of their picture.
Hoppy got to watch Irwin on Six in the Morning again this morning - he was sitting in Lee Anne's lap! He's hopping so good now - way to go, Irwin!